TOP-Rated Men's Herbal Product

TOP-Selling Men’s Herbal Formula

Not a pill nor a pump, but this herbal ‘tea’ remedy has been around since 1999 and is reputed to rival any pharmaceutical precription drug.
A highly reviewed herbal male enhancer that is reputed to be one of the most effective fast-acting men’s tonics on the market.

Herbal Tea Libido Enhancement
Known as ‘VPOWER Herbal Tea’ – this natural brew is supposed to give you unmatched “IMMEDIATE” results far more effective than sexual prescription drugs, and is backed by a full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.
This formula was first introduced more than 12 years ago, and is reputed to help men recover their full sexual prowess.
We found that comparatively, it costs less than most other natural sexual enhancers.
So that’s definitely a plus point.

Only plant-based ingredients are used giving it a pleasant but strong herbal flavor with a bitter-sweet aftertaste. The ‘tea’ promises you will experience a new level of sexual wellbeing.
It’s natural, works fast, and it’s good value for your money –and therefore gets our thumbs-up.
Read more about this top-rated men’s product below.

VPOWER™ Herbal Tea

Gets you HARD in 30 minutes!

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VPOWER™ Herbal Tea

    Unlike sex enhancing drugs, VPOWER requires no foreplay or prior arousal to work. You will get hard -Guaranteed! WARNING: Sexy thoughts will provoke instant erections
    provides all the long-term benefits of a health product but also satisfies your immediate need as a POWERFUL INSTANT SEX TONIC. You can expect teenager-like spontaneous erections over a 3 day period. EXPERIENCE THE RETURN OF MORNING ERECTIONS With VPOWER, firm morning erections will be a regular welcoming phenomenon.
    Adequate blood flow has long been recognized as a significant factor in male arousal and penile tumescence. VPOWER™ improves your speed of arousal, duration of penile erection, recovery time, quality of experience and frequency of full erections.
    You will experience FULL & FIRM multiple erections. VPOWER™ dramatically increases blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis while strictly decreasing the outflow, resulting in rigid and long lasting erections.
    The powerful herbs in VPOWER™ helps increase your sperm count and motility. You will also experience better orgasms and see a marked increase in your semen volume and also the frequency and forcefullness of your ejaculations.
    Pain caused by age-related diseases such as arthritis and diabetes, or by muscle soreness, can make sex less enjoyable. Fatigue can also impair a man’s sexual impulse and decrease his performance. BY RELIEVING FATIGUE VPOWER ENHANCES YOUR PERFORMANCE.
    Improve your staying power and manhood. By naturally elevating your testosterone levels, VPOWER™ dramatically boosts a men’s sex drive and promotes healthy erectile function. You will experience firmer, fuller and more satisfying erections .CLICK HERE to order VPOWER Herbal Tea
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VPOWER™ Herbal Tea
100% Vegetarian Formula ~ NO Animal Ingredients

ICARIINandEPIMEDIUMnewThe active ingredient in VPOWER is ‘Icariin’ which is derived from the herb Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed. Epimedium stimulates sexual desire in both men and women and works by increasing your nitric oxide levels ( required for normal erections) and inhibiting PDE-5 activity in exactly the same way that sexual enhancing drugs work.

VPOWER™ contains 18 of the most treasured Chinese sexual enhancing herbs combined according to a traditional formula.


• Short-Horned Epimedium (Herba epimedii)
• Barbary Wolfberry Extract (Lycium barbarum)
• Chinese Dodder Seed (Semen cuscutae)
• Cnidium Fruit (Fructus cnidii)
• Jujube Seed ( Frustus jujubae)
• Chinese Magnoliavine (Schisandrae chinensis)
• Chinese Angelica Root ( Radix angelicae)
• Asiatic Cornelian Cherry (Fructus corni)
• Desert-living Cistanches (Herba cistanches)
• Eucommia Bark (Cortex eucommiae)
• Ginseng ( Radix ginseng)
• Garden Balsam Seed (Impatiens balsamina)
• Indian Mulberry (Cortex mori)
• Membraneous Milkvetch (Radix astragali)
• Spirifer Fossil Shell (Fossilia Spiriferis)
• Yam Rhizome (Rhizoma dioscoreae)
• Cassia Bark (Cortex cinnamomi)
• Cloves (Flos caryophylli)

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  • Directions for usage
    How to use VPOWER™ ?
    Simply dissolve the contents of 1 full sachet in a cup ( 8 oz ) of warm water.
    Let it stand for a few minutes. And enjoy!
  • Dosage
    How much VPOWER™ should I take?
    You only need to take a maximum of ONE sachet of VPOWER™ per day. Only take it on days when sexual activity is anticipated.
    Take about 1 hour ahead. [DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN ONE SACHET PER DAY ]
  • Taste
    What does VPOWER™ taste like?
  • VPOWER™ has a robust herbal BITTER-SWEET flavour with earthy and coffee-like overtones.
    You may prefer to sweeten with honey or sugar. You can also add it to other food or drink like coffee, tea, juice or even soups.
  • Reaction Time
    How long does VPOWER™ take to work?
    Since VPOWER™ is a herbal formula, reaction time may vary for different individuals, but you will feel results in 15-60 minutes.The supplier guarantees results –so it’s well worth a try.
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