Iyashi Bio-Field Energy Tools

What is Iyashi Source?

Iyashi Source offers a wide variety of holistic bio-energy field wellness tools designed to improve your well bring and bring you back into a balanced and harmonized state.
Iyashi has developed a wide variety of technologies including zero point energy, EMF protection, scalar energy, negative ions, far-infrared, magnets, crystals and many more.

Do Iyashi Source products Work?

I am very sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies,so much that I have to be careful where I live and where I shop etc. I pretty sure I have tried every device out there and have spent thousands of dollars on devices that is suppose to protect me from EMFs. When someone recommended the Shieldite I assumed it would not work but the cost was so low I thought I would give it a try. Wow.. this the first time I been able to function in certain environments that are full of EMFs. I no longer get brain fog and fatigued. This Shieldite is the real thing and I am never without my pendant. I am saving for the big pyramid since I hear it even more powerful. Thank you so much – this Shieldite has been God-sent.

Debbie Regan , Calgary


The IYASHI Store offers a wide range of bio-energy tools :

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