RAW Food For Optimal Health

Increasing evidence suggests that a raw food diet may be all that you need to lose those unwanted pounds, and also regain your health & vitality

A raw food diet is reputed to help you lose weight fast, heal your body, and even get rid of unwanted allergies and life-threatening diseases.
As you already know, most of the world’s food is grown using toxic chemicals, processed at high temperatures, irradiated or pasteurized to make sure no living organisms survive, and then “fortified” with ingredients that most of us can’t pronounce!  Much of the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies crave are lost, or severely compromised in the process.
Going raw does not mean eating raw vegetables.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is simply food in its natural state – the food our ancestors ate.
Our great ancestors lived in an era where our food could eat us, if we don’t eat them first !
Non-stick was not in fashion .
And in times gone by, little in terms of diseases was known, and people lived healthy robust lives.

Switching to a raw food diet has immense benefits.
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Some of them are as follows:

•  Permanent weight-loss management
•  Beautiful skin and hair
•  Increased energy and stamina
•  Mental clarity and focus
•  Emotional balance
•  Spiritual connection
•  Decreased cravings
•  Healing of ailments from minor to life-threatening – such as acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, congestion, constipation, diabetes, herpes, infertility, menopausal symptoms, obesity, thyroid problems, and ulcerative colitis[/colored_box]

Thousands of people have benefited from a raw food diet.
It’s not for everyone, but if you are always chronically ill, it may be worth giving it a shot.

Changes to expect from going RAW

Changing your life for the better – you will look better, feel better, and reverse aging.
Superior nutrition will return your cells to their more youthful functioning. Because raw foods are easy to digest, this frees up more energy for healing and cleansing.

Enhanced Bowel Movement
Raw food speeds up elimination and makes constipation a thing of the past. It may feel strange to be eliminating more often, but remember, more elimination is always a good thing.
Waste is the fundamental source of excess weight in your body and the process of cells storing these toxins is called “disease.”
We can help our cells by eating mostly raw plant food, flushing out the toxins and replacing them with nutrients – keeping our cells clean and healthy.

Raw Food For Weight Loss
People frequently notice a weight loss when they start eating a raw food diet – especially all raw.
As you replace cooked and processed foods with more raw food, you can expect to lose weight quickly and consistently, and keep it off. We are talking about a lifestyle change here, not just another diet, even if it’s just adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet, rather than going all out and switching to a completely raw diet.

Raw Food For Beauty
Most people, especially women, notice that skin loses its puffiness (from retained fluids, sick tissues and fat). Your eyes will be brighter, hair shinier and nails stronger.
Some people report less gray hair and their cellulite gone.
You will look younger. Your true vitality appears. Your skin glows. You radiate bright positive energy. You simply look better!

Raw Food For Energy And Stamina
The body will always distribute energy in these priorities:
• Crucial functions, like respiration and circulation
• Muscles and organs
• Digestion (uses the most energy)
• Cleansing, elimination, immunity and fat loss

The body rarely gets around to completing digestion. Just eating more raw food and less cooked food, decreases the need for extra energy to digest your meals resulting in more energy and stamina for physical activity.

Raw Food For Mental Clarity And Focus
Diet affects not only your physical health, but also impacts your ideas, perceptions, and even your dreams. Raw food provides the nutrients the brain needs. Memory sharpens and concentration improves. You are now more alert and have the mental stamina to achieve greatness.

Raw Food For Emotional Balance
A clean body contributes to a clear mind. Emotional health is enhanced and an increase in positive thinking is experienced, leading to a more open-minded and optimistic view of life. Mood swings decrease, mind chatter calms and emotional ups and downs are smoothed out.

Raw Food For Spiritual Connection
Most spiritual traditions consider the body as the temple of the soul/spirit and pursue purification, cleansing, fasting and renewal as a path to the divine and for awakening spiritual awareness.
You don’t need to believe in this, but a raw food diet does support this journey as a peaceful way of life emerges. By working with raw food, we tend to get closer to nature and the divine character of everything. Many have reported a state of inner bliss, enhanced meditation, prayer, intuition and psychic abilities.

Other Benefits
Save money on processed foods, junk foods and medical bills.
Enjoy more free time – no more scrubbing of pots and pans, no grease. No need even for soap.
It’s better for the environment.
As you can see, there are quite a number of raw food benefits and they are not just good for you, but also great for the planet we live in too.

RAW Does NOT Have To Be Boring !!

Raw food can be truly yummy
Going raw does not mean munching on celery and sipping carrot juice.

You will be amazed at some of the wonderful delicious things you can create with the huge variety of raw ingredients available today.
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