Kidney stones cause lower back pain

How To Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally



The No. 3 Detox Program
that has been tried & tested as the most effective for overall rejuvenative health benefits

The Kidney Cleanse

Purifies and also maintains your blood pressure for life-sustaining functions.
The MOST effective herbal protocol to dissolve kidney stones fast and safely.


You can get rid of kidney stones naturally by cleansing your kidneys regularly

The importance of kidney cleansing cannot be overemphasized. Flushing out your kidneys keeps these vital organs in optimal health.
Healthy kidneys are essential to a variety of body functions, mainly blood cleansing. If your kidneys can’t do this, toxins can remain in the blood and circulate throughout the body causing harm to various vital organs and tissues.
Your kidneys are directly responsible for maintaining your blood in good order


[colored_box color=”yellow”] Kidney cleansing helps restore the optimal function of these most essential of organs.
When in optimal health, your kidneys can purify your entire blood volume up to 60 times per day.

The MOST effective natural procedure to dissolve kidney stones was developed by Dr. Hulda Clark and is described in detail in her best selling book “The Cure For All Diseases” .

(Items also available at bottom of page –scroll down to learn more.)[/colored_box]


Why is it so important to keep our kidneys in good-working conditions?

Kidneys Consider the following major tasks your kidneys perform:

1. The kidneys keep your blood clean and chemically balanced
2. Every day your kidneys filter & process about 200 quarts of blood to sift out about 2 litres of waste products and extra water
3. Detoxify and cleanses your blood by removing toxins
4. Kidneys regulate the body’s level of chemicals such as sodium, phosphorus and potassium and release them back into the blood for return to the body.
5. Kidneys release three important hormones: erythropoietin, renin and calcitriol
6. Kidneys manage the balance between alkalinity and acidity
7. Kidneys regulate blood pressure
8. Dissolve deposits like oxalic acid (this is how back, shoulder, foot & hand pain disappear so fast)

[colored_box color=”red”]  Your kidneys filter about 200 liters of blood every day
~ probably more than your kitchen tap filter !!

Kidney cleansing helps restore the optimal function of these most essential of organs.
Kidneys also control your blood pressure. So it is vital that you keep them clean !




Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Do you suffer from lower back pain ?

What are the symptoms you need to look out for if your kidneys are beginning to malfunction ?
[colored_box color=”blue”] Lower Back Pain

Most common symptoms

• Hiccups
• Chest pain
• Shortness of breath
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Loss of appetite
• Fatigue and weakness
• Changes in urine output
• Muscle twitches and cramps
• Swelling of the feet and ankles

Other symptoms

• Sleep problems
• Persistent itching
• Decreased mental sharpness
• Negative emotions such as reactivity to stress
• Paranoid thinking
• Uncontrolled muscle shaking
• General feelings of insecurity and fear
• Panics attacks
• Hypertension that’s difficult to control
Signs and symptoms of kidney failure develop slowly over time if kidney damage progresses slowly. They are often nonspecific, meaning they can also be caused by other illnesses. In addition, because your kidneys are highly adaptable and able to compensate for lost function, signs and symptoms of kidney failure may not appear until irreversible damage has occurred.

Kidney cleansing helps restore the optimal function of these most essential of organs.


What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones can cause permanent damage

Kidney stones are hard stone like masses that are formed from crystals found in the urine.
These crystals can pass through the urine without ever being noticed, but they can build up and form larger stones.
They are often painless when they are in the kidney, but can cause severe pain when they travel to your bladder.
If a stone becomes large enough to block the flow of urine, it can cause agonizing pain and infection.


Types of Kidney Stones

There are basically 2 types: Calcium or Uric Acid

Other types of kidney stones include:

• Calcium Oxalate
• Uric Acid
• Cysteine
• Cystine
• Monocalcium Phosphate
• Dicalcium Phosphate
• Tricalcium Phosphate
• Struvite

Fortunately, ALL the above varieties of stones can be removed by this simple kidney cleanse natural remedy.
(Scroll to bottom of page for details)

Types of kidney stones



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A Simple Fast Kidney Stone Remedy 

Before you can do anything, you need a lab test to determine the type of kidney stones you have.
If it’s uric acid stones — you must alkalinize your urine and lower your uric acid levels.
If it’s calcium stones  — acidifying your urine will help.

The most common type of kidney stones are calcium stones.
The following simple home remedy works well to dissolve calcium stones.

Simply drink eight ounces of fresh-squeezed lemon juice immediately.
Then add one ounce of fresh-squeezed lemon juice to a glass of water and drink it.
Repeat this every hour for the next 12 hours. The stones are sure to go.

How does this remedy work?
Lemon juice contains lots of citric acid.
Acid dissolves calcium.  Citric acid is a natural and extremely powerful binder of calcium. You can drop a tooth into citric acid and watch it dissolve.

(Please note that momentarily exposing your teeth to the acids in citrus won’t dissolve them. Your saliva quickly restores alkaline pH.)
Infusions of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or oral vitamin C to  bowel tolerancecan be used effectively  for kidney stones. Ascorbic acid is a great dissolver of calcium. [/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]

Kidney cleansing fruits
Grapes Cranberries and Apples
You can also find many organic fruits that will help your body clean your kidneys:
( but they MUST be organic )

1. Grapes  – help flush uric acid and other waste products from the kidneys.
2. Cranberries  – provide quinine, which the liver converts to hippuric acid.  Hippuric acid helps remove urea and uric acid from the kidneys and urinary tract and stops bacteria from attaching to urinary tract walls.
3. Apples – apple juice is often used as one of the main ingredients in home remedies for kidney stones.


[colored_box color=”green”]

Kidney cleansing vegetables
( but they MUST be organic )

There are several kidney cleansing vegetables readily available in most grocery stores.

1.Garlic  –  a natural diuretic that helps stimulate urine production and flush out kidneys.

2.Cucumbers –  a natural diuretic and can help dissolve kidney and bladder stones.

3.Sprouts  – help flush out kidneys.

4.Onions –  reputed to help people pass kidney stones.  The onions are boiled, then liquefied in a blender along with the water they were cooked in.

5.Kidney beans, soybeans, & peas –  contains the vital amino acid Arginine that helps cleanse the kidneys of ammonia.


[colored_box color=”blue”]
Common natural kidney cleansing herbal teas
There are many teas that you can brew yourself to help cleanse your kidneys:

1.Dandelion Tea helps remove excess water from the body and stimulate urine production.  Dandelion tea can be made by boiling organic dandelion leaves which are available at many local health food stores.

2.Ginger Root and Turmeric Tea can be made by boiling a few dashes of turmeric powder with peeled ginger root.  If drunk after lunch and dinner, the tea not only flushes toxins from the kidneys, but also helps with digestion.[/colored_box]


Dr. Hulda Clark’s 8-week

Herbal Kidney Cleanse Program
( by far the MOST effective natural kidney stones removal method)

Helps to dissolve deposits such as oxalic acid crystals and other stones fast, and restores normal function to your kidneys.

What is The Herbal Kidney Cleanse Program ?

KidneyStones180A natural way of dissolving kidney stones and impurities from your kidneys to restore regular function

The Kidney Cleanse Program was created by Dr. Hulda Clark and contains a synergistic blend of natural herbs and supplements to effectively dissolve stones and flush out your kidneys in as little as two weeks.
It is one of the most effective natural remedies for kidney disease available today.

Full details along with many case studies are available in her best selling book “The Cure for All Diseases”.

Program ingredients and instructions are now available in the form of a convenient kit from many online resources.


Cleanse your kidneys NOW !

All the items(herbs & supplements) you need for this 8-week cleanse comes in a convenient kit.
We recommend that you also get the book “The Cure for All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark for full detail instructions on how to carry out this cleanse.

[colored_box color=”blue”][three_fourth last=”no”]The 8-week Herbal Kidney Cleanse Program Kit
Includes the following & Instructions:
Hydrangea root (Hydrangea arborescens)
Gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum)
Marshmallow root (Althea officinallis)
Black Cherry Concentrate, 8 oz. [x 4]
Goldenrod tincture
Ginger capsules
Uva Ursi capsules
Vitamin B6 (250mg)
Vitamin B2 powder
Magnesium oxide (300mg)
Hydrocloric Acid drops

[colored_box color=”blue”][three_fourth last=”no”]“The Cure For All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark:
Read more about case studies and detail instructions about the kidney cleanse program and many other cleanses and detox programs, including causes and cures for hundreds of diseases,
Get Dr.Hulda Clark’s life-saving international best seller here[/three_fourth][/colored_box]

Best Colon Cleanser

How To Cleanse Your Colon – The EASY Way



The No. 4 Detox Program
that has been tried & tested as the most effective for overall rejuvenative health benefits

The Colon Cleanse

Improves your overall health a wellbeing

The BEST Way
To Cleanse Your Colon

Are you suffering from chronic constipation ?

The colon is a very important organ that needs to be properly maintained. Many people around the world are suffering from constipation, with the majority of cases being progressive constipation. This form of constipation is caused when you do not go to the toilet when the urge occurs naturally. As time passes, the colon gets used to ignore the urge and becomes weakened, and eventually the intestinal muscles lose their strength altogether.

Of course there are other causes of constipation besides progressive constipation. The foods you eat, lack of exercise, and even certain types of medications can lead to constipation.
[colored_box color=”green”]A well-functioning colon is vital to your overall health. In fact, many health problems can be traced back to an unhealthy colon.
Skin problems, sore muscles and joints, and even difficulties with losing weight can be attributed to a dirty colon. Using a good colon cleanse product for keeping the colon clean is the first step towards treating and preventing infestations of harmful organisms.[/colored_box]

Why Are Oxygen-Based Supplements the Best Colon Cleansers?

A great way to keep your colon clean is to occasionally flush it out as a part of your normal health routine. If you are looking for a good colon cleanse product, you need to look for those incorporating an ‘oxygenation effect’ as the primary cleansing process. This type of cleanser sweeps the colon while simultaneously revitalizing your digestive system with oxygen.

For the best colon cleanse, you need to use a true oxygen-based colon cleansing product. Unfortunately, there are many claiming to be oxygen colon cleansers that really are not. In order to be a true oxygen-based colon cleansing product, it needs to be able to stabilize oxygen. Products made with just magnesium oxide and magnesium peroxide are not the best products available. This is because magnesium oxide is not capable of releasing oxygen well unless assisted by other ingredients. So you really won’t get the desired effect.

Health Benefits of Oxygen-Based Colon Cleansers

A true oxygen colon cleanser releases oxygen into your digestive system. From there, it is transported throughout your body . This is important because the friendly bacteria in your colon need oxygen to function correctly. By helping to feed the friendly bacteria in your colon, they can more effectively fend off bad bacteria and a well-balanced environment is created in your digestive tract.

Oxygen also ‘oxidizes’ the entire bowel, which helps keep it clean. This reduces the chances of becoming constipated and developing impaction. In addition, an oxygen colon cleanser helps increase the level of Oxygen Reactive Species (ORS) in your colon, which stimulates lymphocyte production. By stimulating the lymphocytes, more T-cells are produced in turn, and this helps improve overall immune system function.

How To Recognize A Good Colon Cleanse Product?

Unfortunately, many manufacturers make false claims about selling the best colon cleanse product. And, since herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent outlandish claims. Some even include ingredients that act counter-productively. For example, some contain Ascorbic acid, which is a strong antioxidant. As such, it essentially neutralizes any benefits you gain from the released oxygen.
[colored_box color=”green”]The only way to determine if the product is an oxygen-based colon cleanser is to perform a ‘titration test’. A titration test demonstrates whether or not oxygen is actually being released and measures the duration of the oxygenation effect.
Currently , there are only two products on the market that have been tested to release oxygen for over 16 hours.
They are:
1) Oxy-Powder® and
2) Homozon.[/colored_box]

You also need to consider the efficacy of the oxygen being released, which is measured with electromotive force. Most products on the market have an electromotive force of 1.23 or less. The only two possessing a high electromotive force are Homozon and Oxy-Powder®, with Oxy-Powder®’s 2.4+ rating being the highest.

Although Homozon is a worthy competitor, Oxy-Powder® is probably the most effective colon cleanse product available. This is because Oxy-Powder® provides a safer amount of oxidative effect but also contains Germanium-132 (GE-132).
GE-132 is a powerful oxygen facilitator, meaning it helps stimulate the immune system by raising the oxygen uptake potential of living cells so the generated oxygen can actually be utilized rather than wasted.

With the help of GE-132, Oxy-Powder® is capable of releasing over 60,000 PPM of oxygen and has been shown to be consistently 6% oxygen in content.
Homozon, on the other hand, is not consistent. In fact, it varies anywhere from 4% to 6% oxygen. It also releases only 55,000 PPM of oxygen.
The math would seem to speak for itself, but conduct your own research and find the best colon cleanse product that’s right for you.

Learn more about this top-rated cleanser at the Global Healing Center


Parasites Don't Belong in You

How to kill Parasites naturally



The No. 5 Detox Program
that has been tried & tested as the most effective for overall rejuvenative health benefits

The Parasite Cleanse Program

The Hidden Cause of Chronic Diseases

How to easily get rid of parasites living inside you

In this article we will address some of the best natural drug-free ways of killing more than 100 different parasites safely and effectively in order to stop these critters from causing havoc inside your body.

[colored_box color=”blue”]Parasites can wreak havoc in your body
And you wont even know about it

Did you know that over 90% of the world’s population have some form of harmful organisms living inside their body and don’t even know about it?

Could you be one of them?[/colored_box]


All of us would love to dismiss that we have Parasites inside us, even doctors. But the reality is that most of the world’s 6 billion people are thoroughly infected with Parasites.
Having parasites is seriously dangerous, and what they can do to your body can literally handicap and ruin your lives in the long-term. Parasites in your body hinder the healing process of any disease.


[colored_box color=”blue”]Parasites and Pollutants
Are The Major Cause Of All Diseases[/colored_box]

Human HookwormParasites survive by lying dormant within you while gradually sucking away your precious nutrition and vitamins !!
They eat,sleep & poop, and your body quietly struggles to clean up their mess, causing you disease & ill-health.
Getting rid of these unwanted dwellers is the FIRST thing you should do in your battle against any disease.

Parasites don’t belong in your body
To stay healthy, you MUST first get rid of them

What are parasites exactly?

A parasite is any organism that lives on, or in the body of another organism
In humans, parasites feed on your cells, the food you eat and even on the supplements you take. Parasites play a major role in the disease process. They not only deprive your body of nutrition but their presence also compromises your immune system.

Luckily, ONLY 3 HERBS are all that it takes to get rid of parasites from your body.
Learn more below.
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Dr. Hulda Clark
Dr. Hulda Clark
Author of
The Cure For All Diseases

“No matter how long and confusing is the list of symptoms a person has…
I am sure to find ONLY two things wrong:  they have in them


Dr. Hulda Clark was one of the pioneers who discovered the relation between parasites and your health, and how eliminating them can cure most diseases.Her discoveries along with many case studies are available in her best selling book “The Cure for All Diseases“. [/colored_box]




You DON’T usually see worms in your toilet when you have a parasite infection !!

You can be infested with worms and not even know about it. They usually stay quietly hidden in order to survive.




[colored_box color=”blue”]Symptoms[/colored_box]

How will I know if I have a parasite infection?HumanParasitesSymptoms

Parasite infection symptoms are usually overlooked by most medical doctors.

There are some common symptoms to look out for in order to know whether you’re infected with a parasite and therefore in need of detoxification.

These common include:

• Diarrhea and/or constipation
• Gas, bloating and cramps
• Rectal Itching
• Persistent skin problems
• Dark circles under the eyes
• Lack of energy
• Disturbed sleep
• Muscle cramps or joint pain
• Post Nasal Drip

[colored_box color=”blue”]How do you get infected with parasites?[/colored_box]
It is estimated that 90% of the world population is currently infected with some form of parasite.

PARASITES are a major cause of disease which is ignored by mainstream medicine

Unfortunately, it’s the ordinary things that you do that infects you.
Parasites travel throughout your bodies, live off what we eat and even your cells.
They leave their toxic waste behind for you to clean up.
When they live inside you, they drain your inner resources, debilitating you.

Some common ways of infection include:

• Sharing your home with pets (many parasites are easily passed from dogs, cats, birds, and even horses, to humans)
• Growing up on a farm or working around livestock
• Going barefoot outside
• Working in contact with the general public
• Shaking hands frequently with people
• Traveling abroad often
• Eating in restaurants and salad bars
• Working in schools or with children
• Eating fish and animal produce
• Sharing plates or bed with dogs, cats, or other pets
• Eating sushi
• Eating raw foods

The simple act of periodically taking herbs to kill parasites ( eg. after a sushi meal ) can effectively eliminate a barrage of serious future health problems and diseases.


[colored_box color=”blue”]
Pets are usually full of parasitesPets can get infected too

Pets have many of the same parasites that we get, including Ascaris (common roundworm), hookworm, Trichinella, Strongyloides, heartworm and a variety of tapeworms. Every pet living in your home should be deparasitized (cleared of parasites) and maintained on a parasite program.
Monthly trips to your vet are NOT sufficient.
You don’t need to get rid of your pet to keep yourself free of parasites. But if you are ill it is best to board it with a friend until you are better.

Your pet is part of your family and should be kept as sweet and clean and healthy as yourself.

The Herbal Pet Parasite Program
The Herbal Pet Parasite Program is outlined in detail in Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure For All Diseases”.
Get the book HERE now.


What are the dangers of parasites living in your body?

Having parasites is seriously dangerous, and can literally handicap and ruin your lives in the long-term.

Here are some of the SNEAKY but shocking things parasites can do to you:
Early menopause
Parasites have been closely linked to premature menopause. They cause several imbalances in the body that ultimately lead to early menopause. Sadly, many women in their early thirties are experiencing early menopause without knowing that parasites are causing it.

Massive weight gain
Parasites weaken digestion and slow down the metabolism, which causes us to burn fat less efficiently and ultimately gain a lot of weight.

Hormonal Imbalance & Erectile dysfunction
Parasites cause an estrogen-progesterone imbalance in the body, which leads to all kinds of syndromes and diseases from breast cancer to severe period pain, cramps, PMS, and erectile dysfunction.

Many of the women I coached have had fertility problems. Due to the serious hormonal imbalances that parasites can cause, they can also cause infertility in both men and women. By eliminating your parasites, you can dramatically increase your chances of conceiving a baby.

Parasites interfere with the production of serotonin, a brain chemical also called “the happiness hormone.” When we have low serotonin levels, we feel depressed, moody, lose our zest for life and become lifeless and emotionally imbalanced

Passed over by pregnancy by mother to baby
Parasites are passed over during pregnancy to the baby. So if you plan on getting pregnant soon, you need to eliminate the parasites in your body ASAP first before victimizing and sabotaging the health of an innocent soul.

Sexually transmitted
Contrary to what many people believe, parasites can actually be sexually transmitted. So you can actually pass them onto your partner if you are having unprotected intercourse. You may have caught them from a partner as well.

Rapid aging
Because parasites are constantly wreaking havoc in our bodies, they overwhelm our immune system and endocrine system, which causes us to age much faster, and lose our youthfulness earlier than we should.

Brain Damage
Some parasites literally invade the brain and start altering our behaviors and thought patterns.
Parasites are dangerous, and can, literally, ruin our life, if we don’t take the actions necessary to completely eliminate them and get them out of our system.

[colored_box color=”eg. blue”]HOW to kill parasites the SAFE NON-TOXIC way ?[/colored_box]

You CANNOT get rid of ALL parasites using medicine from your doctor !

Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines and drugs which are designed to kill only one or two parasite-types each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites! That’s good news for the drug makers but not for you.

Parasites can be killed by using a few SAFE & SIMPLE methods :

1 THREE Individual Simple Herbs(used together):
•  Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength
•  Wormwood capsules (200-300mg
•  Cloves capsules (500mg )

2 COMBINATION Herbal Formulas
• A combination of various tried and tested herbs combined in a tincture or capsule for convenient administration.

3 Electronic Method
 • By using a simple non-invasive portable battery powered frequency generator called the “Zapper”

[colored_box color=”green”]

How to kill parasites using the 3 Simple Herbs Method
( Highly recommended for all ages )

There are NO broad-spectrum pharmaceutical drugs available today that can kill ALL parasites.

Medical science has no simple and safe way of getting rid of ALL the parasites that harm you withoput taking countless number of drugs —one for each parasite. But thanks to nature and the amazing dicoveries of Dr. Hulda Clark, only 3 HERBS are required to rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headache, nausea, nor interference with any drug that you are already on! Sound too good to be true? They are natures gift to us.

Green Black Wallnut Hulls ( Juglans nigra )
Wormwood ( Artemisia Absinthum )
Cloves ( Eugenia Carypphyllata )

BlackWallnut  WormwoodHerb ClovesHerb
Green Black Wallnut Wormwood Cloves

These three herbs MUST be used together as a single treatment in a specific dosage:

So you will need:
• Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength
• Wormwood capsules (200-300mg of wormwood per capsule)
• Cloves capsules (500mg per capsule)

You will also need (optional – to treat the after effects):
• Arginine (500mg per capsule)
• Ornithine (500mg per capsule)

The Herbal Parasite Program is outlined in detail in Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure For All Diseases”
For copyright reasons, we are not permitted to publish the program details here.
FOR DETAIL INSTRUCTIONS please get her book “The Cure For All Diseases” HERE

  Get the 3 HERBAL FORMULAS for Dr. Hulda Clark’s Parasite Program HERE

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2. Combination Herbal Formulas
Combination herbal formulas are a convenient way taking herbs to kill parasites infecting your body.
Highly effective natural combination herbal formulas are avilable iether in the form of tinctures or capsules. They contain a variety of parasite-targeting herbal extracts.
Combination formulas are highly recommended because of their convenience. Only single periodic doses are necessary to keep you free from parasites.

 LEARN MORE about combination herbal formulas HERE

This Could Be Living INSIDE YOU! Flush Your Intestinal System with the Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit


[colored_box color=”yellow”]

3. How to kill parasites using the “ZAPPER”
By using a simple portable battery powered frequency generator called the “ZAPPER”.A battery-powered Zapper device

What is the ZAPPER ?
The Zapper is a simple electronic device that was invented by Dr. Hulda Clark.
It functions based on the very simple scientific concept of using selective resonant frequency to electronically ‘zap’ and kill a parasite by mild electrocution.

The Discovery
Dr. Clark found that every organism, virus, bacteria or parasite, emitted its own unique frequency,  and by targeting that same organism with it’s own resonant frequency, you can literally kill it.
These frequencies may be so small that they may hardly be felt by the human body, yet deadly to the pathogen concerned.

Dr. Clark published the pathogen frequencies of most viruses, bacteria and parasites in a comprehensive chart in her book “The Cure For All Diseases“.( pg 561 – 580 )

You can get  “The Cure For All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark HERE

How to kill parasites using the Zapper?
Simply set the Zapper to the frequency of the pathogen listed in Dr. Clark’s book, then strap the bands on to your wrists, and press the start button. A few minutes of zapping is all it takes.
By using the correct pathogen frequency against an invading parasite or virus using the Zapper device for just a few minutes, you can stop the pathogen from causing any further harm to you, thereby stopping the infection immediately.

This simple non-invasive method can literally save millions of lives, but for obvious financial and political reasons, medical authorities have still not embraced its use.

The Zapper is totally safe to use and is a handy device for almost any kind of infection, and can be used on childen and adults of all ages.
Dr. Clark also published the blueprints for making this device in her book “The Cure For All Diseases”.
By purchasing the components from any electric shop, you can even build one yourself !

There are several Zapper manufacturers on the market today but we have identified a few easy-to-use models, and are available at the Amazon Store HERE.