The No. 1 Detox Program

A TOTAL Health Rejuvenation Program that will transform your health for good

This is probably the MOST important decision you will ever make to improve your overall health for good ~ once and for all.

The Master Cleanse

is a “Total Health Rejuvenation Program” that effectively transforms your health for good, and is reputed to be the No. 1 Detox Program that has been tried & tested as the most effective for overall rejuvenative health benefits.
This program thoroughly detoxes your entire body and all internal organs for optimal enhanced healing from chronic illness and renewed health & vitality
This is THE Ultimate Full-Body Detox Program.

The Master Cleanse program requires severe diet restriction. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and has not been approved by any mainstream health authority. Please consult with your physician before proceeding. This information is for education purposes only. Proceed at your own risk.

The Master Cleanse Program thoroughly detoxes your entire body and all internal organs for optimal enhanced healing from chronic illness and renewed health & vitality

What is The Master Cleanse Program ?

An All-Natural Program to cleanse and heal your entire body of chronic illness and restore normality.
The Master Cleanse, created by renowned dietitian Stanley Burroughs, has been used by thousands of people for over 70 years — for both detoxification and weight loss. It is the choice detox of stars and celebrities due to it’s fast effective results.
The program comprises the use of pure lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water taken 6-12 times a day, providing 1200+ calories per day / 100-200 calories per serving.
Despite what many people think, this is by no means a starvation diet in terms of caloric consumption. You drink as much as you want, except NO other food is consumed during the duration of the cleanse. An herbal laxative tea is taken in the evening, and an oral salt water flush is consumed every morning upon arising to wash out the intestinal tract

How long do you do the program for?

The Master Cleanse is a MINIMUM 10-day total health detox program , but longer periods of 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or up to a month or more is recommended when dealing with unwanted growths, tumors, deposits, or other chronic illness.  It has been tried and tested by thousands, and is highly reputed to provide permanent relief to chronic health problems without the use of harmful drugs.


It is safe, natural and above all, will benefit anyone regardless of your age or current state of health

What are the BENEFITS of the Master Cleanse ?

•  Melt body fat from your body at a rate of approximately 1 pound per day.
•  Dissolve growths, toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of your body.
•  Cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
•  Cleanse and detoxify the colon.
•  Purify the glands and cells throughout your entire body.
•  Eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.
•  Relieve pressure and irritation in your nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
•  Build a healthy blood stream.
•  Keep youthful skin and elasticity regardless of your years.

Other documented BENEFITS to your Total Health and Wellbeing

•  LIVER function restored by removing stones, stored toxins, & improving bile flow
• CHOLESTEROL levels greatly reduced by removing stored fat in liver
• DIABETES prevented & blood sugar normalised by improving Pancreatic function
• HEART function improved by improved blood quality & circulatory system function
• ARTERIAL BLOCKAGES cleared of plaque to enable unhindered blood flow
• DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and greatly improved bowel function
• PROSTATE and urinary function greatly improved.
• PARASITES removed to ensure unhindered organ function

So how does The Master Cleanse Program really work ?

The goal of The Master Cleanse is to give your digestive tract a rest, and in doing so, focusing the body’s innate capabilities on ridding the body of chemical impurities, eliminate toxins stored in various parts of the body, ward off diseases the immune system was once too plagued to fight, kill parasites lurking in the intestinal flora, and melt away excess fat storage.

Melts away body fat along with accumulated toxins at an astounding rate of approximately ONE pound per day !
It is because of this amazing melting capability that this program is highly recommended when dealing with any form of growths, tumors, stones and other unwanted deposits anywhere in your body.

Weight loss at an astonishing rate of approximately one pound per day is a natural result of this program as the ‘hard to burn’ toxins stored in fat deposits are released.

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HOW To DO The Master Cleanse


To get started on this program, you need the following items:
( ordinary store-bought grade maple syrups CANNOT be used )

• Organic Grade “B” maple syrup 
• Organic cayenne pepper
• Organic Mint tea
• Organic Laxative tea
• Celtic Sea Salt with vital minerals
• Lemons

Although this is a simple cleanse, using the wrong grade of ingredients can be potentially harmful.

For your convenience, we have selected all the correct ingredients needed for a 14-day Master Cleanse Program here.