How To Remove Gallstones Without Surgery



The No. 2 Detox Program

that has been tried & tested as the most effective for overall rejuvenative health benefits

The Liver Cleanse
The MOST important detox program for almost any health problem


Modern Medicine Got It WRONG !!

GALLSTONES in your liver is a major health risk, and is THE PRIMARY cause of aches, pains and illness

The Liver Cleanse procedure contradicts many modern medical viewpoints.
Modern medicine assumes wrongly that gallstones are formed in the gallbladder, not your liver. They are thought to be few, not thousands–as proven by this simple cleanse.
According to mainstream medicine, gallstones are not linked to any pains other than gallbladder attacks.
A mistaken assumption that has cost thousands of lives.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]The standard medical procedure for removing gallstones is the surgical removal  of the ENTIRE gallbladder !  A barbaric and grossly  OUTDATED procedure that has not been improved upon in over 50 years !!

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It is easy to understand why this is thought: by the time you have acute pain attacks, some stones are in the gallbladder, are big enough and sufficiently calcified to see on X-ray, and have caused inflammation there.
When the gallbladder is removed the acute attacks are gone (TEMPORARILY), but the bursitis and other pains and digestive problems remain.

Did you know that a simple thing as obstructed bile flow can cause complex diseases such as congested heart failure, diabetes or even cancer?
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ALL diseases or symptoms of ill health are caused by an obstruction of some sort in the liver. Cleansing your liver ducts from gallstones is one of the MOST powerful procedures to regain or restore your vibrant health.  To have a clean liver, is to have a new lease of life

Dr. Hulda Clark –  “The Cure For All Disease” [/colored_box]


Gallstones can cause PERMANENT Liver Damage

WARNING : Clinical tests cannot detect all gallstones !
Liver enzyme levels in the blood become elevated only when there is advanced liver destruction, When liver cells are ruptured, the enzymes enter the bloodstream to signal abnormalities. But what your doctor fails to recognize is that it takes many years of congestion before liver cells rupture.  Therefore, the typical clinical test is NOT a reliable way to detect gallstones. Often times, your doctor will only inform you of liver dysfunction when the damage is already done.

Gallstones cause liver damage

Gallstones in your liver is the MAIN obstacle to acquiring and maintaining good health, youthfulness and vitality.
You can get rid of them using a simple natural 1-day program at home !!

Relying on blood tests to assess liver health is the biggest and most unfortunate oversight that has ever been made my modern medicine. Liver congenstion and stagnation are among the most common health problems, yet conventional medicine makes NO reference to them, nor does it have a way to diagnose these conditions.


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Due to its extraordinary design, the liver often ‘seems’ to preform normally even after it has lost 60% of its efficiency. So in plain language, you will not know or feel anything until its too late.

The liver has direct control over the growth and functioning of every cell in the body.

It is the ONLY organ in your body that has the power of REGENERATION. That alone speaks volume about its importance. Any kind of malfunction would result in some form of illness.
The liver has HUNDREDS of different functions and is connected to every part of your body.

It is trully the MASTER ORGAN that manufactures, processes and distributes nutrients and fuel supply to your entire body.
It is also the main CLEANSING STATION for alcohol, toxins and drugs and filters 3 PINTS of blood per minute, and produces an almost equal amount of bile every day.
Any kind of obstruction like Gallstones that hinders its gigantic task list in any way, WILL cause you some form of symptoms of ill health or disease.

Keeping your liver clean at all times is the MOST important thing you can do to maintain your overall health and vitality.

The truth is self-evident.
People who have had their gallbladder surgically removed and then carry out a natural Liver Cleanse Program afterwards still get plenty of green, bile-coated stones, and anyone who cares to dissect their stones or get them tested at a lab, can get confirmation that these are in fact cholesterol based ‘gallstones’. Many even get the same pain after surgery.



What is the Liver Cleanse Program?

A natural way of flushing out stones and impurities from your liver & gallbladder to restore regular function
The Liver Cleanse Program was created by Dr. Hulda Clark and comprises a few simple natural ingredients to effectively flush out gallstones from your liver and gallbladder in just an overnight procedure.
By understanding how stones and blockages in the liver contribute to almost every type of disease, and by taking simple steps to remove these stones, you are able to put yourself in charge of restoring your own health and vitality on a permanent basis.

INSTANT Benefits:

• Cleanses your blood by removing stored cholesterol fast
• Alleviates shoulder, back, knee and other body pain
• Restores hormonal imbalances and overall body functions
• For clearer blemish-free skin

Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark
Author of  “The Cure For All Diseases”

“Cleaning the liver is the MOST powerful procedure that you can do to improve your body’s health….

… it dramatically improves digestion, which is that basis of your whole health. You can expect your allergies to disappear too, more with each cleanse you do!  Incredibly, it also eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain.  You have more energy and increased sense of well being.”

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How To Do The Liver Cleanse ?

Dr. Clark’s Liver Cleanse Program is a sure and safe way of thoroughly cleansing your liver of accumulated gallstones and toxins and to restore normal bodily function fast.
[colored_box color=”blue”]It is THE ONLY tried and tested method available today to EFFECTIVELY REMOVE GALLSTONES WITHOUT SURGERY.[/colored_box]
An amazing procedure to reduce your blood Cholesterol levels almost instantly! By carrying out this simple procedure you can remove these stones from your liver and gallbladder painlessly in just 14 hours??!! Over a weekend – at home.
And remove hundreds of stones each time?!! Saving you thousands of dollars in medical bills.


What do you need for the Liver Cleanse as prescribed
by Dr. Hulda Clark?

Liver Cleanse Ingredients
[colored_box color=”yellow”]Ingredients:

• Epsom Salts(Food Grade): 4 heaped tablespoons
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil : 4 oz. ( for best results, ozonate it for 20 minutes – optional ).
• Hydrochloric Acid : Add 2 drops to Olive Oil above.(optional)
• Fresh PINK grapefruit: 1 large or 2 small, enough to squeeze 6 – 7 oz. juice. Hot wash twice and dry.
• Green Black Walnut Hull Tincture : Add 20 drops to juice above, to kill parasites coming from your liver.
• Ornithine: 4 to 8 capsules. Don’t skip this or you may have the worst night of your life!

Other items you will need:
• A measuring cup
• A plastic strainer ( to strain grapefruit juice)
• A glass or plastic hand juicer ( no metal please )
• Pint jar or any other container with tight-fitting lid ( you will be drinking out of this container )

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This is a 2 – Day program – best done on a weekend.

Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse, since you will be able to rest the next day.
Take NO medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do without; they could prevent success.
Stop the parasite program and kidney herbs, too, the day before.

Eat a NO-FAT breakfast and lunch such as cooked rice, vegetables, fruit, fruit juice.


This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

2:00 PM
Do NOT eat or drink anything after 2 o’clock.( 1 PM may be better if you have slower digestion)

IMPORTANT: If you break this rule you could feel quite ill later.

Get your Epsom salts ready.
Mix 4 tbs. in 24 oz. water and pour this into a bottle. This makes four servings,6 oz each. A teaspoon of Vitamin C powder may be added (optional).
Set the bottle in the refrigerator to get cold (this is for convenience and taste only).

6:00 PM

Drink one serving ( 6 oz ) of the cold Epsom salts mixture. You may drink a few mouthfuls of water at this point or rinse your mouth. Get the Olive Oil and grapefruit out to warm up to room temperature.

8:00 PM
Repeat by drinking another 6 oz. of Epsom salts.You haven’t eaten since two o’clock, but you won’t feel hungry. Get your bedtime chores done. The timing is critical for success.

9:45 PM
Pour 4 oz Olive oil into the lidded pint jar.
Add 2 drops Hydrochloric Acid to sterilize.
Squeeze pink grapefruit by hand into the measuring cup. Strain with plastic strainer to remove pulp.
You should have at least 6 oz, more (up to 7 oz) is best.
Add the juice to the olive oil.
Also add 20 drops Black Walnut Hull Tincture.
Close the jar tightly with the lid and shake hard until watery (only fresh pink grapefruit juice does this).
Now visit the bathroom one or more time, BUT DON’T BE LATE for your ten o’clock drink.
You will get fewer stones.

10:00 PM
Take the jar to your bedside Give it one more shake and drink the potion STANDING UP.
Take 4 ornithine capsules with the first sips. Take 8 if you normally suffer from insomnia.
Get it down within 2 minutes ( up to ten minutes for very elderly or weak persons).

You might fail to get stones out if you don’t. The sooner you lie down the more stones you will get out.
Be ready for bed ahead of time. Don’t clean up the kitchen or run to the sink to rinse your mouth !
As soon as the drink is down , lie down flat on your back facing upwards.
Try to think about what is happening in the liver.

Try to keep perfectly still for at least 30 – 60 minutes. You may feel a train of stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open (thank you Epsom salts!).
Just go to sleep, you may fail to get stones out if you don’t.




7:00 AM
Upon awakening take your third dose of Epsom salts.
If you have indigestion or nausea wait until it is gone before drinking the Epsom salts.
You may go back to bed. Don’t take this potion before 6:00 am

9:00 AM
Take your fourth (the last) dose of Epsom salts.
You may go back to bed again.

11:00 AM
Have some fruit juice – any FRESHLY SQUEEZED juice will do.

11:30 AM
Eat a small helping of ANY fruit.

12:30 PM
You may eat regular food but keep it light.
By dinner time you should feel recovered.

Expect diarrhea in the morning.
Use a collander in your toilet bowl before going if you wish to see your stones. You can rinse and count your stones afterwards!

How well did you do?
Look for green stones since this is proof that they are genuine gallstones, not food residue. Only bile from the liver is pea green. The bowel movement sinks but gallstones float because of the cholesterol inside.

If you used a collander, you can count your stones easily. They may be tan or green.


You have taken out your gallstones without surgery!

You will need to total 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to rid you of allergies or bursitis or upper back pains permanently. The first cleanse may rid you of pains for a few days, but as the stones from the rear of your liver travel forward, they may give you the same symptoms again. You may repeat cleanses at two week intervals.
Never cleanse when you are [acutely] ill.

Sometimes the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. They appear as a “chaff” floating on top of the toilet bowl water. It may be tan colored, harboring millions of tiny white crystals. Cleansing this chaff is just as important as purging stones.

How safe is the Liver Cleanse?

The Liver Cleanse is one of the SAFEST life-changing procedures you can do to regain your health

It is very safe. Millions of people, including many persons in their seventies and eighties have done the cleanse successfully. None even reported any pain.

However it can make you feel quite ill for one or two days afterwards if you did not follow the instructions correctly.
This is why Dr.Clark’s instructions direct you to complete the Parasite and Kidney cleanse programs first BEFORE undertaking the Liver Cleanse.

[colored_box color=”green”]If you find Dr.Clark’s procedure too laborious, check out also some other ‘simpler’ tried and tested formulas at The Global Healing Center[/colored_box]